We are revamping how promotions work in the next few weeks based on customer feedback. Stay Tuned for exciting Changes!

This is how the SocialPromos.com promotion tool works

Many of the screenshots here are from real promotions being run by Chef Tony a cutting edge Restaurant Owner leveraging social media in a variety of ways to build a community and grow sales.

Everything Revolves Around a Promotion

A Promotion is a Webpage. Internet marketers call this a landing page. These pages have your headline, content, your logos, your colors and a call to action (what should the user do).

Promotions Can be Shared

Since your Promotion now has a Landing Page with a unique URL (a permalink), it can be posted to any social websites that allow links to be shared.


You can see statistics on how many people viewed your promotion and where they are coming from. You will see if they came from Twitter, Facebook or the Web. We also have a beta feature to show you the city, state and country too.

Set it and forget it Automation

You have the option to autopost your promotions to Twitter and Facebook at any time. We have options to set specific dates and also recurring posts for specials that happen on a weekly basis.

Google Places Monitoring for Local Businesses

A free feature we have is to monitor your Google Places Reviews and Rating and email you when they change.

Your Dashboard Let's You Know How You Are Doing

With your Promotion View Statistics, Your Location Reviews (both Yelp and Google) & your next autopost promotions you will have an easy time staying on top of your business.

Promotions are Generic - Get Creative

Promotions don't always have to sell. They can be informational. They can be whatever you want.

Adding Your Your Branding is Easy

Our Theme Editor has prebuilt starting points. Easily add your logo, colors and a background image. Our promotions are the same width as twitter so you can reuse your Twitter background image.

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